Chitralekha Gujarati

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Chitralekha Gujarati

Chitralekha Gujarati

  • Chitralekha Gujarati - September 30, 2019
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  • Chitralekha
  • Issues 320
  • Language - Gujarati
  • Published weekly
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- Gender Pay Gap: A Global Issue

- Amar Palanpuri: A Slap Makes Him a Shayar

- Plastic Ban: Other Side of the Story

- Priyadarshini

Chitralekha group of publications was started way back in 1950 by Vaju Kotak, a journalistic legend of his times. The group’s flagship magazine – Chitralekha Gujarati, came out with its first issue in 1950. Since then, Chitralekha has gone on to become the favourite weekly of the largest, arguably the most affluent and the most conspicuously consuming community in India, the Gujaratis. For over 63 years now, Chitralekha has been keeping this community informed about news, events, culture, stories and more…. unfailingly every Friday of the week. It continues to be the largest selling magazine in Mumbai & Gujarat, across periodicity or language, circulating to over 2,40,000 households every week.