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GQ India

GQ India

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This month’s magazine includes a 22-page fatherhood special.

It highlights an exciting dimension to the GQ man. This timely, detailed package explores the new Rules of Fatherhood; provides tips for dads during lockdown; and includes a series of warm, intimate portraits – styled and shot by their inner circle – that reveal what it means to be a father today.

Get the Ten hacks for surviving – and enjoying – being a dad. Hacks as simple as becoming a morning person to getting fit-or-fitter.

It’s a crisis the first blows of which were felt in China and Italy, two key nodes in the web of high-end global commerce... But as GQ Luxury Editor Nicholas Foulkes explains, though its weaknesses are laid bare by Covid-19, so too are the strengths of a sector that is far more than the sum of its balance sheets.

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GQ India is a Men's Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine. It covers topics ranging from style, cars, technology and lifestyle to culture, sports and fitness. In-Depth interviews with celebrities, businessmen and thinkers from India and Abroad.