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When we launched Vogue Values earlier this year, little did we realise how soon we would be reaching for those totems of global relevance (live sustainably, support families, look to the future with optimism, be inclusive) to be our guiding lights.

At the time of this issue going to press, we, like the rest of the world, found ourselves paralysed by Coronavirus, a pandemic that is forcing us all to live, work and think differently.

With establishments closed and offices operating out of homes, life has taken a dramatic turn. It's a rare time to reflect on what’s important in life. Can we find solutions in stories that bring us together in times of isolation?

Can flexible hours help working parents, who now find themselves torn between professional deadlines and tending to restless children? Is this a reminder to slow down? 

Can social distancing actually bring us closer? Finally, can we ensure a smooth run even during this worldwide lockdown?

Yes, the mood is sombre, but there’s also a ray of hope in this collective confinement. With fashion weeks cancelled, we are now witnessing an environmentally friendly way of consuming fashion (Armani hosted an audience-free web showcase in Milan). 

At our home offices, and over daily video calls with my colleagues, we are finding ourselves more aligned in putting our strengths together and conducting work online. Our commitment to the safety of our work family is driving us to explore new ideas for self-improvement at home. (Look to our team’s curated #VogueFromHome list on Instagram for inspiration.)

In that sense, our choice for our cover girl is perfect. Kareena Kapoor Khan is, after all, the ultimate family mascot. In trademark style, she minces no words as she shares with us what really matters to her. In our Style section, sustainability makes its presence felt via the conscious wardrobe of model Kanishtha Dhankar. And in Beauty, let alternative therapies help strengthen your body and mind. If you’re looking for stories of resolve to see you through these challenging times, let the golden girls of our table tennis team, who are smashing their way to victory, be your guide.

Victory today lies in how we overcome this crisis. Stay home and protect yourself and your loved ones.

And most of all, stay positive. Here’s hoping we come out of this sooner and stronger.

Vogue India brings you the best in global and Indian fashion, beauty and culture as well as interviews with trendsetters across the worlds of style, music and art as well as key figures within the fashion industry.