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Our larger-than-life cover star Katy Perry, conquers the streets of Mumbai in kaleidoscopic fashion.

Fashion has never been more intertwined with reality than it is today. As we witness a seismic shift in values, culture and morality, we discover how these times have brought change to fashion. 

So before planning our first issue of the new decade, we decided to pause and observe the world around us.

Last year, when 26 Vogue editors met in Paris, our attention focused on addressing and redefining our core values. 

The conversation steered us in new directions, keeping in mind the geopolitical, cultural and sociological issues that surround us. 

To start with: our planet. 

In ‘What sustains us?’, Simran Sethi points at our obligation to preserve it. And she’s not the only one. 

A new generation of young minds fighting for a better tomorrow (meet them in ‘The New Avengers’).

The climate crisis is the single greatest threat we face and it impacts, among other things, the way we dress and purchase.

With the ensuing discussion on responsibility and sustainability, it’s time we ask what we want our clothes to say about us.

This issue marks the birth of Vogue Values and reiterates what we stand for. 

In ‘Conscious Crusaders’, we present a roll call of designers who are using their creativity to engage with sustainability, while ‘Forces of Nature’ spotlights women leading the climate debate. 

There’s also Livia Firth, the founder of Eco-Age, who shares her lessons and experiments with sustainability. 

At home with her beau Orlando Bloom, the global pop phenomenon follows a no-plastic policy; at work, she uses her platform to support Impossible Foods to provide meat substitutes in America. “These are small changes,” she says. “Not everything in my life is perfect. I’m still amending it every day to be more conscious about what I’m taking from Mother Earth and how I can give back,” she tells Vogue’s features director Megha Mahindru.

Within these pages are some of these small lessons we can all adopt to give back. Here’s wishing you all a mindful 2020.

Vogue India brings you the best in global and Indian fashion, beauty and culture as well as interviews with trendsetters across the worlds of style, music and art as well as key figures within the fashion industry.