Vogue India Specials

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Vogue India Specials

Vogue India Specials

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Whether you are 14, 18 or 23, we are hoping that Miss Vogue lays your foundation for a very Vogue life. We hope this issue—packed with everything you need to know for the months ahead—serves as your guide to all things cool. It’s never too late (or too early) to start getting things right. From body to mind, we want to leave you with plenty of food for thought. We have the experts weigh in—from the books that you shouldn’t miss out on (which will make you smarter, tougher and braver!) to the things you should be missing out on (think JOMO vs FOMO); from the latest in fitness and food advice to keep you looking your best, to women whose startling relationship with food will change how you view what’s on your plate.

We present to you Vogue Specials, supplements which add to Vogue India, covering various categories of content on Health, Travel, Lifestyle and more. Published Free for Digital.

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