Interior Exterior Magazine Issue 29
Interior Exterior Magazine Issue 29

Interior Exterior Magazine Issue 29

  • Jan-Feb-March-2020
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  • Language - English
  • Published quarterly
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Design & construction scenario has been progressing at an unprecedented pace at the global level.  This past decade has especially witnessed some of the most fluid forms and challenging structural resolutions. The awe-inspiring forms of the shells are complimented by the bespoke art installations and interior elements that are pushing the boundaries of design to provide unfathomable user experiences. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that India is finally catching up with the world when it comes to product design, architecture, interiors, landscape or any of the myriad aspects of the construction industry. As a matter of fact, our industry has progressed and become so imaginative that even as I write it feels crude to use an umbrella term “construction” to encompass works of the professionals who are rather artists working in their respective domains of expertise.

I would take the liberty of speaking on behalf of my magazine as well as everyone related to the Media & publishing industry, ‘we are enjoying the surge of innovation as much as the professionals thinking absolutely out of the box’, for introducing such concepts and processes is a challenge just as much! Interior Exterior in particular constantly longs to cover the newest, most innovative and utilitarian works that defy the existing norms of design, material and experience.

However, the gap between the progress at the international scale and that in India is still immense. It is in part because of the fact that some of the modern most materials, software, technology and processes are still known to a handful in the Indian community of professionals. The other contributing factors may be the lack of ways through which to educate the masses or disseminate the information on the rapidly changing landscape of the design production. No longer do we appreciate the ‘product’ alone; we are developing the sensibilities to acknowledge the process which backs the new age inventions.

Interior Exterior team strives to bring to its readers best of the current lot; however our efforts are dependent on the readers, subscribers & advertisers to reach out to us on a regular basis. Wishing the best to the entire industry, especially the innovators who managed to capture the attention of our team and gave us the chance to publish their brilliant work.

Here’s to the progressing industry of a progressing country!