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  • Life Care News 103 Issue 10 November 2019
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  • Life Care News
  • Issues 131
  • Language - Gujarati
  • Published fortnightly
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Dear reader, in issue 103, you can read various stories and articles. First of all, in the categories of editorials of previous issue in the editorial of current issue. "Should follow some rules to be successful in life as well as in business". Hope you enjoy reading this editorial.

Now we move on…. On page number five, in the "Be Careful" topics, air pollution starts to increase in the days of winter, keeping this in mind, in this article you can read, pollution can cause health damage. Here are some tips to avoid.

Now we move on to the next story which is page number eight on the "Do you know" topic, vitamin deficiency can also be seen on the face. And by looking at some signs, you will be able to know what you should do so that vitamin deficiency can be overcome.

The next story is that on page number eleven, in the "Women's Health" topic, you start taking vitamin supplements on your own, which does not give you health benefits, but sometimes health can be damaged. Knowing which you will get a very benefit.

Following this is the story, which is on page number fourteen. "Health Mantra" Topic In this you will learn about the health benefits of soaked almonds. Soaked almonds have many benefits, which you can read one after the other.

The cover story is on page number sixteen. Which is about World Pneumonia Day on 12 November. In which you will know if you have pneumonia and what to do for its cause, symptoms and diagnosis.

There is a "Winter Special" story on page number 21. In which you will know about the pimples on the faces of the youth. And how to prevent pimples occurring in winter, and tips are given. And also the later story is about the cracked lips in the winter, including how to prevent lip burst in the winter season, which you can read in the "Self Care" topic. There are other articles that you will like. Hope you will be read joyful and share "Life Care Magazine" in your friends and families. All the stories is listed below with their title name. Be Careful (air pollution), do you Know, vitamin deficiency, Woman's Health, Health mantra, the benefits of eating nuts, Cover Story, World Pneumonia Day, Winter Special, Acne in Winter, Self-care, Home remedies for lip bloating, Super Food, Eat Healthy, Kitchen Corner, Source of protein, Carrier Corner, Graphics, LifeCareNews, Lifecare, 103Issue, 10November 2019

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