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Life Care

Life Care

  • Life Care News 105 Issue 10 December 2019
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  • Life Care News
  • Issues 107
  • Language - Gujarati
  • Published fortnightly
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Dear reader, welcome to this issue of Life magazine. In this issue you can read very good stories and articles. You can read editorial "Motivational Story" in the magazine's debut. Under which it is discussed in detail about "how to stay away from some people to succeed in life".

Next, on page number 5, under the topic "Do You Know", you can read, article about the role of sunlight for our health in the winter season.

Now let us go to page number seven, how to take care of hair and skin during the winter season under Beauty Funda Topics.

After this, on page number nine, there is a story on how children are gaining weight in "child care" topics. In this story, information about increasing obesity in children is given.

Now a "special story" is given on page number twelve. World Disability Day is celebrated on 3 December. In which, children with disabilities need to take good care of them.

Now the next story is "Self Care" in which Hart is the body's pumping station. Which supplements should be eaten to keep the heart fit and fine.

The cover story of this issue is "Neat 2020". Youngsters desirous of becoming doctors have to give "NEET" exam. An attempt has been made to give accurate information about NEET 2020. How can application, application deadline is 31 December 2014, how to create time table. Information on NEET 2020 is given.

Other articles that you will like. Hope you will be read joyful. Share "Life Care Magazine" in your friends and families. All the stories listed below with their title name. like to know (winter sunshine), Beauty Funda (Take Care of Skin and Hair), Child Care, Special Story (World Disability Day), Self Care (Heart Care), Cover Story (NEET ૨૦૨૦),     Be Alert (angry), Food Corner,     Kitchen Corners (body warming foods), Winter Special (Do not neglect winter), Special Foods (Peanuts), graphics, 105Issue, LifeCare,, 10December 2019

Life Care - A Complete Healthcare News Magazine, Life care magazine one of the newest and fastest growing Gujarati magazine. Our aim to make India and Indians healthier and more conscious about their health, physical and mental fitness. Let’s make India healthier.