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Highlights of India Today 15th January 2017, issue:



The Cover Story - What Makes Us Happy - looks at the new science of happiness and how do-gooders and crusaders are giving us stories of hope and happiness to kick-start the new year.

light of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth announcing his political debut, the special report The New Avatar looks at how Thalaiva's plunge into politics might alter the course for Dravidian parties. 

In the 
States package, the issue deals takes a close look at the Dalit-Marathas clashes in Maharashtra and how, with Dalit anger spilling into street violence, CM Fadanavis' manoeuvring skills are up for yet another test. 

the Karnataka Assembly elections 2018 drawing closer, the story BJP Back to Old Tricks examines how the saffron party, beset with little traction on the ground, is once resorting to playing the communal card in the state. 

The guest column in this issue has been written by the author of Intimacy Undone, Malavika Rajkotia, who explains how the Triple Talaq Bill reduces the existing rights
 of Muslim women.

The issue also comes with four free magazines: Spice, Simply Bangalore, Simply Hyderabad, and Simply Pune.

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