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Opportunities VS lack of arrangements!

Its been a great month of July where we seen great monsoon with lots of improvements coming through Parliament of India.

GST, the amendment which has passed in Indian Parliament in Monsoon session. Along with GST, many Logistics & service

provider companies has posted their mixed result. Which is showing a new path of Logistics with hope of GST.


In this issue, you will find Logistics sector's opportunities. Where 3PL to Mr. Gadkari's innovative models of

transportation is matching Indian Logistics needs. Mr. Gautam Dembla's views over Indian Logistics' sector and his journey in

Spear Logistics as a Managing Director.


Also, Logistics Reckoner going to show some technical outlook in coming months. Where Information Technology will take

place with loads and leads sharing in India and overseas. Hope we will get support from our readers in this regard.

There's a lot to look for in this sector and we are keeping a keen eye on this. I would like to announce that you can

now download Logistics Reckoner app on Google Play Store to stay connected with us on the go. Hope you would like this

issue, see you next month!

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