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Dear friends and readers, I hope you would have enjoyed reading our previous issue. Once again, I am delighted to bring for you the April 2019 edition of Microbioz India magazine, supported by the cover story titled “Development of biologics: The market requires short development times and high productivity-Using a high-speed workflow to generate a production cell line”By UGA Biopharma GmbH.

The cover story featured Biologics this month which includes their new therapy option for numerous diseases: They are already used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis as useful alternatives to standard therapies.

Added to this, the current edition has a special featured article titled “Increasing demand of Fluorosilicone “By Anuj Singh-Polymer Technologist Amipolymer Pvt Ltd, the article includes Fluorosilicone rubber called as modified version of silicone rubber which has been fluorinated to finish up the polymer chains so that its chemical resistance is improved. Fluorosilicone is also known as FVMQ(fluorovinylmethylsiloxane).

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