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Outlook Hindi

Outlook Hindi

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-  Cover story reports on new problems of magrants and highhandedness of government and police came up due to nationwide lockdown to control epidemic of coronavirus. Prominent columnists like Jacob John,  Himanshu Sharma, Narendra Gupta, Prof. Shyam Sundar opine on various dimensions of the issue.

2-  Editor Harvir Singh in his regular column underlines the impact of nationwide lockdown. He explains that large number of poor people lost their jobs and livelihood due to lockdown. India’s image hit by such human crisis.

3-  Prashant Shrivastava examins India’s limited capacity in comparison witth large population of 1.3 billion to tackle the crisis of Covid-19. He cautions for devastating result if the government fails to take right decision on right time.

4-  S. K. Singh reports current and future economic impact of Covid-19. Global as well as india’s economy may be hit very badly and millions of workers and other people will have to struggle for their livelihood.

5-  Editor Harvir singh explains the need to provide economic relief to farmers as well because they also hit due to nationwide lockdown. He says that lacs of farmers are also hit by the lockdown as they are not able to conduct farming activities and sale their crops in markets.


Read by the modern and progressive Hindi reader, Outlook Hindi is a complete current affairs and general interest fortnightly for the well informed and concerned citizens, cultured people, conscious consumers, sensitive human beings and sensible families. It tracks a wide range of issues from politics and policy, economy and society to international affairs, literature and culture, personal finance and films, travel and spiritualism, and family and relationships. Instead of routine coverage, it provides deep analysis, thorough investigation, exclusive insights and an original angle. All packed with an aesthetic design and layout. In short, Outlook Hindi is a magazine with a firm outlook and attitude that provides a whole worldview in its interesting coverage and pleasant features.

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