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18 Ram Ke Parinam
Twenty five years ago, the ground opened up in Ayodhya and gobbled all good faith. Now,
when we are a ‘safe’, globalised distance away from the Babri Masjid demolition, the BJP
appears to be revisiting the event to reap more poll dividends.
50 The Digi Dream Plan
Dr Ajay Kumar, former additional secretary, Ministry of Electronics and IT speaks about
the importance of digital India and growing cyber threats
52 News Bait Ocean
In an overwhelming world of eye-grabbing digital content, the philosophies and ethics
around journalism have twisted and turned. Stay alert, the algorithms have figured you out.
56 Overworked Stallions
The hectic schedule never seems to end and the BCCI never seems to care. Skipper Kohli
has hinted at the hard-pressed state of his team, but is anyone listening?
60 Home To The Rasikas
The vibrant Carnatic scene in Chennai has made young NRI classical musicians born in
the United States shift base to the city

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