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The Sindhian

The Sindhian

  • The Sindhian - Jul-Sep 2022
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  • The Sindhian
  • Issues 38
  • Language - English
  • Published quarterly
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The world is changing, and so are the
seasons - from the war between
Russia and Ukraine, to the changing
economic world order, people from all
over must begin to focus on bringing
logical sense and peace on earth.
While the pandemic has slowed
down considerably, it has not yet
been eradicated from our lives. We
need to continue to live with caution
and overcome it soon.

Gracing the cover this issue is
wildlife photographer and big cat
specialist Shaaz Jung, who’s
attachment to the jungle is much
deeper than his multi-layered
pictures convey.

In the pages that follow, you will
find stories of Luxembourg-based
hospitality professional Kiran
Robinson; business coach, OKR
specialist, presidential awardee,
and author Suresh Mansharamani;
and Chief Joy Architect at a New
Jersey-based toy company Shalini

Also featured this quarter are
architect Jason Wadhwani, artiste
turned entrepreneur Aman Thadani,
co-founder of the Fortress Festival
Alec Jhangiani, and co-founder of a
digital branding agency Aishwarya

While Executive Chef at Masala
Library, Rahul Punjabi talks about
what Sindhi cuisine means to him,
Hong Kong-based Simran Savlani
shares her passion for food. Rahul
Wadhwani, tells us how he made a
career in music and Anmol
Vaswani’s wanderlust-inspired
jewellery label, gives us insight into
her design sensibilities.

Commercial pilot turned yoga and
wellness expert Anshuka Parwani
shares her journey, and Ashna
Mirchandani explains why she
switched from a career in healthcare
to that of children’s clothing.

Fitness expert Avinash Mansukhani,
product lead for WhatsApp
payments in India, Ria Mirchandani,
and artist Shweta Tikyani all tell us
how they found a career they love.
Philadelphia-based public interest
lawyer Neil Makhija tells us how he
found his calling in public policy.

We learn how graphic designer Juhi
Vishnani creates standout brand
identities and trace Chief Marketing
Officer at the TAO Group Pavan
Pardasani’s journey in the
hospitality business.

Rounding up all the success stories
for this issue are Vanita Badlani, cofounder
of a sustainable luxury
accessories label who shares the
importance of giving back to the
planet, Aneela Idnani who has
found a tech-based solution for
dealing with Body-Focused
Repetitive Behaviours, and
breathwork practitioner and
consciousness guide Karishma
Kapoor who explains the
importance of breathing right.
With the monsoon clearly set in all
over the country, I wish you all a
magical time to refresh and
rejuvenate yourself, just as nature
does too. Feel the raindrops, smell
the earth, dance in the rain, renew

And don’t forget to continue to stay
safe, stay masked, and stay healthy!

The very first of its kind, this plush quarterly is dedicated to chronicling the ethos, enterprise, and aplomb of the Sindhi community. A Magazine that brings you Insights into Sindhi History, its Culture and its People. A Magazine that takes you places and showcases Sindhis from all over the world. A Magazine that informs and connects Sindhis globally. Published 4 times a year.