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  • September 24, 2018- Issue-35 - Michelle Poonawalla
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Dear Readers,
Horse racing is one of the oldest and most exciting and interesting sports of all. Although it’s basic concept has remained the same over the centuries, it has developed from a primitive contest of speed or stamina between two horses into a display involving large fields of runners, sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment, and immense sums of money. This sport sees great support from people from various walks of life. In fact, India has some really famous Derbys that are held every year and are attended by the swish set who turn up in their best attires, gorgeous glares, and lovely hats to cheer their favourite horses. Take a look at our Feature Story to find out more about the various famous race clubs around the country.
On our cover is Michelle Poonawalla, the daughter-in-law of the famous Poonawalla family from Pune who themselves own the Poonawalla Stud Farms and Poonawalla Racing and Breeding. The gorgeous lady shares a love for horses with her husband, Yohan, and together they host the Poonawalla Breeder’s Multi-Million annually. Read more about her in the Cover Story.
We also have the passionate polo player Arsalaan Khan from the city who has been fascinated by the sport since his childhood, in People in Focus. He talks to us about his love for the sport among other things.
Moving a bit off track, we chatted with Dr Padmaja Lokireddy who lived in the UK for a total of 13 years after which she decided to return to her homeland in order to bring back the knowledge and skill to treat her own people. Take a look at In the Spotlight for the full scoop.
Turn to Mind & Body where we give you suggestions on what to eat in order to sleep well. If you’re one of those who suffers with insomnia, this one’s definitely worth your time!
Lastly, in Grand Getaways we take you through Monish Menon’s trip to Russia with his friends. The highlight of his trip is most definitely watching the FIFA World Cup live.
Check it out! And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at

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