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BBC Knowledge India

BBC Knowledge India

  • The Ultimate Gadget Guide (5th Anniversary Special)
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  • WWM
  • Issues 26
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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We turn five-years-old this month. In humanyears, it means being curious aplenty, explorers of new worlds, and knowing no fear. :-) It’s been such a ride working on this magazine; looking at global developments in the fields of science and history, and selecting and discussing and working on stories that we thought you would love to read. A confession: I have been always been partial towards topics like the universe, planets, black holes, dinosaurs, and Indian history. But I must say, looking back, I think my favourite was the issue on Zombies. So we have kept you abreast. Of all the scientific breakthroughs, and of the extraordinary works of the world’s brightest minds. Which is why, this 5th anniversary edition is even more special. It is a Gadgets Digest. Over 50+ pages of new tech, upcoming tech, gizmos, upcoming products - from hybrid cars to smart watches, virtual screens, pet robots, diving drones and advanced cameras. Gadgets are very telling of the world we live in, they are very telling of a lot of the research and study that has preoccupied academics, creators and thinkers. Gadgets are where concepts and theory meets application and are thus a measurable result. The inside pages will give you a glimpse into the mind-bending, wondrous times that are upon us, where technology that we thought is of the future, has already surreptitiously seeped in or is seeping into our homes and lives. So brace yourselves. Things are changing fast; read up and be ready. Happy reading

BBC Knowledge India is a perfect magazine which empowers the Younger Generation of India. The articles are composed by world renowned academics, and experts. The content and articles stimulate the mind, encourage more inquisitive thinking amongst the younger generation.