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  • Welcome To The Drone Age (June 2016)
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  • Issues 26
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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What’s upon us overwhelms me - dwindling water and energy supplies the world over, floods, drought, the very mercurial El Niño that controls us in unexpected ways, and there is so much else. The ominous future that the concerned environmentalists predicted, which we thought was way off far into the future, seems to be here very much ahead of schedule. The Earth is changing. So how alarmed must one get? What does one do? How do we change our lifestyles to survive, adapt and thrive? How we live needs to change. Countries are divided on this, and the debate rages on. But there are quieter changes taking place all over - by products of technologies and life, preparing themselves for a different time. Read the stories inside about drones, driverless cars and super-sized Zeppelins to name a few. My favourite this month is the captivating feature on the Peregrines, the dynamic falcon that has adapted to tall, steely skyscrapers of Chicago when its natural habitat of high, rocky cliffs is no longer an option. On a different note - over the years, I have been getting so many requests from our young readers who wanted to contribute their writings to the magazine. Well, here is your chance. Get Published in BBC Knowledge. We want your thoughts and your imaginations - your poems, photographs, and short essays. This month’s theme for submissions is Summer. Be your creative best during the holidays and send us your works. Details are on page 7. Cheers. Happy reading.

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