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  • June 24, 2019- Issue- 21 - Rohit Reddy
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Although growing older is a fact of life, how we age can largely be controlled by the decisions we make day-to-day. Bidding adieu to your twenties and thirties doesn’t mean you should toss your needs out the window. While making healthy lifestyle changes as early as possible gives you the biggest health benefits, taking action later in life can still have a positive impact. Check out the Feature Story where we give you tips on how to take action to maintain good health, regardless of how young or old you are.
On the Cover we have Rohit Reddy, an entrepreneur who has always been inclined towards fitness. With his busy schedule – the founder of Signature Developers – one wonders where he finds the time to exercise, but he does. And if you’ve spent any time on RR’s Instagram, you’ll know that it’s a treasure chest of posts involving, but not limited to fitness, healthy food, stylish clothes, swagger… and more fitness! Flip through to our Cover Story to find out more about his fitness and success.
Moving on, in People In Focus, we clue you into the work of
Karen Campos Bhatia, a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and lifestyle consultant. Modern life has a way of making us feel pressured and time-crunched to find the most efficient ways of using the precious hours when we’re not sleeping. The trendy fitness regimen high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, epitomises this feeling. HIIT consists of short bursts of high intensity exercise, which is distributed between periods of rest and recovery. Read more about what makes HIIT a genuine workout in our Mind & Body!
You might have to scratch your head to think of something that one of Europe’s most underrated country Luxembourg is famous for. Filled with castles, quirky corners, and oodles of history, you can’t go wrong by dedicating at least a long weekend exploring the rugged gorges of the Müllerthal region. But if all that hasn’t already got you convinced, check our Grand Getaways to visit the Grand Duchy!
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