The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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 There is something to be said for the Election Commission of India. They managed Assembly elections for a whole state, and at the same time, by-elections in 59 Assembly and 1 Lok Sabha constituency. Imagine the number of people that would have been needed to just count these votes! 

And, unlike other parts of the world, our Election Commission declared its results! 

We bring you something that we did not find anywhere else: Details of the Bihar election results, and constituency by constituency listing of the by-election results. 

In addition to the 3.5-pages news section today, we have: 

A. Diwali special feature - recipe of kaju katli and 4 Diwali themed pictures. One of them by Anuj Mahto. 

B. Poem: Life is a Race by Vaidish Rana

C. 3D Art by Sanjay R 

D. Tongue twister 

E. Sanskrit, Hindi, and Tamil wisdom 

F. Last week's answers, winners, and this week's challenges 

G. Junior Reading corner - Poem in Hindi 

H. Laugh a lot it is by Ishaan Kaila 

I. Hindi poem on Ma by Jeshika Medhi 

J. Let's Scrabble by Archana Aggarwal

K. Digital Resource of the Week 

L. Craft by Chavi Chauhan 

M. Bob Mania by Ayush Moitra. 

Enjoy the edition! 


Nidhi aunty 


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This is the Thursday edition. The Thursday editions are best for: 

A. Children older than 11. 

B. Young people who are preparing for competitive exams. 

C. People looking for content in more than one language. 

D. Children who love logic puzzles. 

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