The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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 Dear Young Stars 

Today, we bring you a story that is very important - about our neighbour Pakistan. But its really a story about international debt. If you want to explore this story further, do read up on HOW Pakistan found itself in the current situation. 

In addition to the news, we have: 

A. Meme by Amey Haldankar 

B. Art by Keya Patel 

C. Poem by Urvi Prakash 

D. Veervar Vijeta - last week's answers, winners, and this week's challenges. 

E. Bob Mania by Ayush Moitra 

F. Tamil Proverbs by Vanitha Ananthan 

G. Sports News by Ishaan Kaila 

I have changed many things in the edition today. Do share your feedback on what you like and what is not so good. I will wait to hear from you :) 


Nidhi aunty 


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This is the Thursday edition. The Thursday editions are best for: 

A. Children older than 11. 

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C. People looking for content in more than one language. 

D. Children who love logic puzzles. 

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