The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

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 Dear Readers 

Ever wondered how much time you spend doing what? After today's story, you might. 

The second news is about an important exam in India. 

The Sports News is IPL. 

After that, we have: 

A. Sanskrit, Tamil, and Hindi proverbs. 

B. Geology Facts - Contd. 

C. Meme by Garima Sehrawat

D. Art by Krishika Nilesh Vaity, Ashima Thoufeeqa S, Ansha Singh,  and Milan K. Joshy 

E. Veervar Vijetas - Answers and this week's challenges 

F. Let's Scrabble by Archana Aggarwal 

G. Digital Resource of the Week

H. Online Classes - a poem by Atharva Dangi 

I. Laugh a Lot it is by Ishaan Kaila 

J. Bob Mania by Ayush Moitra 

Enjoy the edition! 



Nidhi aunty 

This is for subscribers who only want The Children's Post on specific days. 

This is the Thursday edition. The Thursday editions are best for: 

A. Children older than 11. 

B. Young people who are preparing for competitive exams. 

C. People looking for content in more than one language. 

D. Children who love logic puzzles. 

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