Readwhere Publisher for E-paper, E-magazine & E-books

Unlock premium features with Readwhere Premium Publisher V6

How to buy publishing quota for your publication

Publisher user with super-admin rights can log-in to Readwhere Publisher panel

You can explore the new dashboard & its advanced features like themes, self-managed ad codes, e-paper widget for your main site etc.

An upgraded 3600 DIY approach with brand new look and feel

Publishers can now manage the full aspect of the e-paper website. Setting up pre-crafted themes, changing the brand logo & colours , managing collections is now available with publisher.

Manage your
own ads

Publishers can now keep 100% of revenue earned by ads. Our new version gives the publishers full liberty to manage their own ads. All ad slots are now configured through dashboard so that the publisher can manage the ads themselves.

A simple Pay-as-you-go pricing model

With the new pay-as-you-go model, we will charge the publishers only for the volumes being published. Publisher can anytime upgrade the volume publishing quota as per the publishing need. It is simple & transparent model.

We are here to help you in the transition

Please click the link below for the detail handbook

Handbook of the new features & how to use guide

The right price for every usage type

The publishing quota is based on the number of volumes being published. You can purchase as many quotas as per your need. Unused Volume quota will be carry forwarded to next annual license renewal.

Software Licence Fee ₹50,000 Annual
  • Get 200 Volumes complimentary
  • Complete White-label Solution
  • 100% Ad Revenue with your own ads

Publishing Quota Fees

Publishers will require to purchase a separate quota for their publishing volumes*.

Basic ₹4,999
20 Volumes
Advance ₹19,999
20% Savings on basic plan
100 Volumes
Pro ₹39,999
35% Savings on basic plan
250 Volumes
Business ₹59,999
50% Savings on basic plan
500 Volumes
Recommended Enterprise ₹99,999
60% Savings on basic plan
1000 Volumes

* Volume refers to a single issues that is uploaded by the publishers.