The Sindhian

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The Sindhian

The Sindhian

  • Oct-Dec 2013 - Volume 10 Issue 4
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  • The Sindhian
  • Issues 26
  • Language - English
  • Published quarterly
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In the beginning - how it all started.... Ten years ago, when I came upon the idea of starting an internationally read glossy magazine of very high standards dedicated to showing the inherent entrepreneurial quality of Sindhis, most people, family and other Sindhis called me “chariyo” – meaning “crazy” in Sindhi, and said that something like this would never work or survive. I listened carefully, paid heed to their misgivings, and yet, after due diligence, trusting my inner gut feeling, went forward with the idea and brought it to life! The Sindhian was literally born after a rigorous and passionate research of nine months, which included meeting several Sindhis from varied places, learning the publishing business, and facing and overcoming many fears! Here, I must give credit to my late father who supported me in this venture by risking his capital, knowing the risks involved, but nevertheless encouraging me. January 2004, the very first issue of The Sindhian rolled out of the press, and a star was born! Cut to the present The Sindhian has been a great success, and there is no better feeling of personal success than showing the successes of others – our fellow Sindhis. They have, and I can proudly state that - defying partition woes, homelessness, lack of money, and more, peacefully risen from the ashes.

The very first of its kind, this plush quarterly is dedicated to chronicling the ethos, enterprise, and aplomb of the Sindhi community. A Magazine that brings you Insights into Sindhi History, its Culture and its People. A Magazine that takes you places and showcases Sindhis from all over the world. A Magazine that informs and connects Sindhis globally. Published 4 times a year.