AVAK VEDNA (gujrati)
AVAK VEDNA (gujrati)

AVAK VEDNA (gujrati)

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Preface (book print published in year 2018 and ebook publication 1st march 2024)


While living life as a benefactor of nature, my pen is forever

Thinking for the interest of trees keeps writing. By most of the writers now

By statistics or government system to save trees

Trees are cut down for defects, proofs are shown. early

As soon as we wake up in the morning we read the news in the news papers and Sensex in it

Depreciated, rupee depreciated, gold prices increased and many incidents happened

More preference is given. But the trees are placed in some corner,

There are various news such as felling of trees, felling of trees, fire in trees

are printing. Somewhere there are tree programs, like leaders planting trees

That students are. Thus, it is necessary to look at the numbers of trees in capital letters only

Feel it, but we really save the trees right? we

If we ask our conscience, it will say no! But ask someone

Trees save us? So we have a word to describe the trees in our mind

No, because the trees dedicated their lives to keep this creation alive

are giving So one suffering of this benevolent, living deity gave me 24 hours

It haunts even in sleep and the main pain is that those who are considered educated in the society

Class men see the tree and continue to abuse it.

Over the last five years, a finding has been made to cut down large, old deciduous trees

are thrown and abused to a great extent. such as self-interest

Fermented large billboards and banners with iron nails

Tree trunks are cut and planted. Also tire puncture shops

If there is, the damage is done by hanging the tires with big clamps

is Thus for the same advertisements as the person carrying on business or trade

Big trees in front of the shop are targeted.

Especially the trees above the roads are the most misused. If

If a person's body is injured and normal blood flows out, it is not tolerated

If he could, this is an abol tree, he suffered by eating an iron nail

Curry provides pure oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere Rs

Digests toxins. Such our auspicious and benevolent trees are worth even a rupee

Serves without taking. So this sad suffering before you all

I am presenting in the form of “speechless pain”.

The book "Trees" and "Planting trees is a pure virtue" written by P.P. Sriramsharma Acharyaji and based on the incidents in the news papers and the daily incidents seen based on my experiences, the pain of the trees for the conservation of the future generations and the sense of the great life span of human life should be awakened in everyone's mind. I hope so.

It is to be specially mentioned that in the present book publication the suffering of the tree is explained through photographs. Tree benefits, religious significance and trees are the nurturers and deities of the entire creation. So the idea behind the Save the Trees campaign is to revolutionize the country, to stop the misuse of trees, and to follow the tree laws. The most important thing is that damaging the tree with nails and strings causes damage to its trunk and gradually causes rot and disease in the tree. Photographs and descriptions of the effects are presented in the form of research and actionable steps are shown.