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Beg Your Pardon

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My first book, Marathi poetry, Ek Aavegala Mrityu, was published in the year 1996. In the year 2013, my first Hindi novel has been published by the name, Geeta Chali Gai. This third book has been originally published in Marathi by Vijay Prakashan, Nagpur in January 2015.
For last 3-4 years, respected Anna Hazare had spearheaded a agitation on Janlokpal bill. This has resulted in vide discussion on corruption and problems of common man. The society in general is not ready to blind its eyes, has been cleared. When all this discussion took place through different media, I felt like writing something on corruption. This thought brought the plot of this novel.
The subject of corruption being important and relevant, the novel has already been published in Hindi and this English version is being published. The Bangala translation is on way.
I am indebted to so many of my relatives and friends who have encouraged me after my first Hindi novel and this novel also. This encouragement fills new energy to write more novels.
I am thankful to Mrs. Jayashree Naidu from Solapur who has done initial translation and typing. Capt.Dr. Anil Deoghare has been very helpful in revising the translation and initial editing. I thank him also.
I am thankful to Mr. Manmohan Sharma and his team at Anuradha Prakashan for facilitating the publishing of this novel in short span of time.
I pray to god, that readers should find the book interesting.

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