Vikram Aur Betal

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Vikram Aur Betal

Vikram Aur Betal

  • 978-81-909110-2-3
  • Price : 89.00
  • Ayush Books
  • Language - English
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Vikram Aur Betaal' is based on 'Betaal Pachisi', written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal. Vikramaditya was a great king who ruled over a prosperous kingdom from his capital at Ujjain. He had immense love for learning as well as for adventure. He was brave, fearless and with a strong will. As the name Baital Pachisi suggests, the Betaal told the King 25 stories. (Pachisi is derived from word Pachis in, Nepali which means twenty five.) However, looking at the determination of the king Vikramaditya, Betaal finally disclosed the true motive of the mendicant. The mendicant's plan was to practice certain rites sitting on Betaal but he would kill the King also to get all powers of the world and rule the world.