Your Time Starts Now
Your Time Starts Now

Your Time Starts Now

  • Wed Feb 27, 2013
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  • Benten Books
  • Language - English
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If you intend to succeed in life, it is necessary to become an expert in time-management. If you feel that 24 hours are not enough, it is a sign that you are already successful in some way or the other. The more you rise on the ladder of success, the more work will you have to do. The art of time management teaches you how to deal with the enormous task of overwork without being unhappy or anxious about. Dr. Vijay Agrawal, a scholar and former administrator, gives a roadmap of success by showing how to plan your day, how to prioritize your work, how to adjust your work life with your home life in order to achieve the maximum happiness. The author proves that time management is an art and like any other art it can also be learnt.