DGP Kit of Idioms and Phrases

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DGP Kit of Idioms and Phrases

DGP Kit of Idioms and Phrases

  • The Hindustan Times Medallist in Journalism Prof. R.S. Dhillon's DGP Kit of Idioms and Phrases
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  • Dhillon Group of Publications
  • Language - English
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‘Idiom’ is a peculiar mode of expression, the genius or peculiar cast of a language or colloquial speech. ‘Phrase’ is a small group of words forming part of a sentence; it is a short pithy characteristic mode of expression. Idioms and Phrases are the forms of expression whose meaning is not directly deduced from the words they are made up of. Over a period of time, English language has enriched itself by drawing elements from different and diverse sources. In the process of evolution, a large number of Idioms and Phrases have got assimilated in the language. Idioms and Phrases not only enrich vocabulary and add colour to it, but also convey images and ideas with a telling effect and break prosaic monotony. ‘DGP Kit of Idioms and Phrases’ is an endeavour to acquaint the readers with Idioms and Phrases. A wide canvas has been cast, to incorporate Idioms and Phrases of all hues and shades, meanings have been given and usage explained. It is thus hoped that the book will help the readers a great deal in improving their knowledge and understanding of English language.