Thoughts... of the Inner World

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Thoughts... of the Inner World

Thoughts... of the Inner World

  • The inner world is the only reality. The outer world is just it’s shadow and only fools chase shadows.
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  • Dhyan Foundation
  • Language - English
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The book explains the concepts behind the science of yoga, the depths to whichone could dive in the inner world. Difficult concepts about the etheric  world , as written about in our  ancient literature are narrated in a style which a lay person can follow easily.  This book also explains that  the guru’s role is indispensable for undertaking the path. The book is an eye opener to all the seekers who are earnest about spiritual growth. It answers many questions running in people’s minds. For instance Karma. It is synonym for action. But “action doesn’t necessarily stand for an act in the physical; it can be a thought also.”  Concepts like marriage, aura, Shiv, Shakti , dimensions,Yog in kalyug, the process of awakening, Raj Yog are explained by Yogi Ashwini for the contemporary person. Simple ,flowing language and examples from our real life make this book a must read.