Magic! Secret Awaits

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Magic! Secret Awaits

Magic! Secret Awaits

  • Sat Feb 06, 2021
  • Price : 200.00
  • Language - English
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iNTELLYJELLY is proud to present, another aspiring budding author, Kumar Aryaman Singh, with his first book ‘Magic! Secret Awaits’, published under its esteemed programme of the Author and Publish workshop series. The learnings, techniques and fun activity based learning has found shape in this magical book which promises to keep readers engaged for hours together! Be it the well rounded characters created by him or the overall flow of the story, the book beautifully manifests all the teachings taught in the Author & Publish workshops- a series of workshops specially designed to make budding writers into published authors in no time! The book does justice to the young author’s imagination by complimenting his story with well-matched illustrations, interspersed with notes by the school Principal, parents and mentors. This book truly promises not just to be entertaining but also will be a true inspiration to many other such young authors for whom writing is no longer a distant dream!