The Journey of 30 Moments

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The Journey of 30 Moments

The Journey of 30 Moments

  • Budding Writers' Series
  • Price : 200.00
  • Language - English
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The 30 moments that iNTELLYJELLY’s budding writer, Hardik has captured so vividly, encompass such fleeting moments of his subconscious, which one may sometimes not recognize or come to terms with. 16 year old Hardik has however, gone a step further, and replicated these nuances into words! The sky, the demons, the moon, the mountains, the loneliness, time, screams and dreams…Hardik’s imagination knows no bounds in this collection of ’30 random events’ as he himself puts it. iNTELLYJELLY feels ecstatic to present ‘The Journey of 30 Moments’, a book that has been selected for its ‘Budding Writer’ series, where young aspiring writers are offered a platform to display to the world, their innate creative expression in the form of their very own book.