You Never Grow Old

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You Never Grow Old

You Never Grow Old

  • Wed Nov 25, 2020
  • Price : 200.00
  • Language - English
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Suhina Khare is one of the dotting authors which iNTELLYJELLY is proud of. A 14-year-old, full of sincerity and integrity, Suhina loves to spend her time in the magical world of doodles and poetry. Her art is a form of self-expression and resonates with her innermost feelings. Her family and friends have always held a special place in her heart and are also the strength behind all her creations. Suhina’s maturity of thoughts is evident in her expression and has proved to be a true inspiration to many. Find her heart’s truest emotions highlighted through this book, designed and illustrated by iNTELLYJELLY.