Get Hired November 2017 e-Book
Get Hired November 2017 e-Book

Get Hired November 2017 e-Book

  • Corporate Etiquettes: The unspoken rules of office life
  • Price : 49.00
  • Jagran Prakshan Limited
  • Language - English
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The current edition of ‘Get Hired’ magazine promises to reveal essential facts about office life which no one will ever teach or tell you. Dreaming of leading a professional life with all the comforts can go quite wrong especially when you are an amateur. The day you get your foot in the door will be the day when you would be required to remember all the rules that this edition illustrates. We aim to prepare you for a smooth transition from college life to the professional world. And even if you are already a working person, then get access to a few tips on ways to make your professional life a fun filled experience. From decorating your office desk to email writing etiquettes, we have it all in one edition to get you in the good books of your manager. Needless to say that practical experience offers a closer look at life, but what better than getting to learn few mantras from the experiences of seasoned professionals.   Considering that office is your second home, comprising of people from diverse background, it becomes essential to learn the art of mingling with everyone. You cannot expect situations to turn out your way. Hence, the best solution is to learn the secrets of staying positive even during the crisis, because escaping from difficult times is worse than facing it. Learning to deal with the problems and contingencies is the right move. So here we bring you an interesting insight in leading a happy-go-lucky professional life that will be rewarding in your career growth.