General Knowledge By Tarun Goyal
General Knowledge By Tarun Goyal

General Knowledge By Tarun Goyal

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CURRENT AFFAIRSUnion Budget 2016-17, Rail Budget 2016-17HISTORYIndus Valley Civilization,Vedic Period: The Aryans, Buddhism, Jainism, Dynasties and Rulersin Ancient India, Dynasties and Rulers in Medieval India, The Advent of Europeans,Governor Generals of Bengal, Governor Generals of India,The Revolt of 1857, Social andCultural Uprisings, Viceroys of India, Important National Activities, Important Newspapers,Journals and Books of Freedom Struggle Era, Important Battles in the Indian History.GEOGRAPHYSolar System, Important Local Winds, Major Seas, Major Rivers, Major Lakes, Continents,Oceans, Mountain Peaks of the World, Important Deserts, Gulfs, Peninsulas, MountainRanges, Important Cities on River Banks (World), Islands, Smallest and Biggest Countries,Foreign Towns Associated with Industries, World's Geographical Surnames, Biggest, Highest,Largest, Longest in the World,Chief Agricultural Produces, World Mineral Production,Important Industries, Important Boundaries, Indian Geography.INDIAN POLITYComposition of Constituent Assembly, Preamble to the Constitution, Borrowed Features ofthe Constitution, Schedules in Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Forms of Writs, New StatesCreated after 1950, Parts of the Constitution, President, Vice-President, Prime Minister,Parliament of India, Supreme Court of India, The Governor, Chief Minister, State Legislature,High Court, Union Public Service Commission, Comptroller & Auditor General of India,Attorney General of India, Election Commission, Important Constitutional Amendments.INDIAN ECONOMYFive Year Plans, Poverty and Unemployment, Green and other Revolutions, ImportantIndustries of India, National Income of India, Indian Tax Structure,Banking System in India,Census-2011.GENERAL SCIENCEInventions and Discoveries, Milestones in Medicine, Important Scientific Instruments,Scientific Explanations of Common Phenomena, Different Branches of Science, Elements,Symbols and Atomic Numbers, Common and Chemical Names of Some Compounds, SomeImportant Alloys, Some Important Facts of Human Body, Balanced Diet, Vitamins, HumanEndocrine System, Blood, Nervous System, Research Stations and Institutions in India.GENERAL KNOWLEDGEAbbreviations, Important Dates, First in the World, First in India, Geographical Discoveries,Books and Authers, Capitals and Currencies of Countries, United Nations Organisation,Other International Organisations and Groups, World: Miscellaneous, Indian Defence( Army,Air Force and Navy), Ranks of Commissioned Officers, Paramilitary and Reserved Forces,The World of Sports.