The 10 Most Inspiring Faces Of Business Industry, 2021
The 10 Most Inspiring Faces Of Business Industry, 2021

The 10 Most Inspiring Faces Of Business Industry, 2021

  • The 10 Most Inspiring Faces Of Business Industry, 2021
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"DuChange ABC Private Ltd - Mumbai, India"

The journey of DuChange ABC

"Our vision is to contribute 100 Engineering Organizations for transformation to "3X"top & bottom lines and contribute to MSME & Indian Industry growth by 2030 to improve the Indian Economy and employment opportunities for young engineers.


Our Mission is to restore the ecosystem of MSME from the COVID-19 pandemic by reimagining, recreate and restore with DuChange experiences and talents.

  • Our experience and knowledge passionately design and implement customized strategic levels focusing on the speed required and optimizing cost with productivity and quality improvements.

  • We prioritize promoting the best workplaces to help reduce operating costs and maximize profit by applying advanced quality management concepts.

  • We Assess, Benchmark, and Challenge organization systems and processes for world-class.

Our services comprise mentoring Engineering organizations, EPC Projects, Construction Machinery Manufacturers, Concrete Machinery manufacturing organizations, Plastic injection moulding machines, Real Estate, and Infrastructure projects.

  • DuChange ABC Private Ltd is the perfect partner in creating high-performance organizations with sustainability and scalability strategies with continual improvements and integrated Management Systems.

  • We enable client success through executable strategies, teams to execute them with the required speed, and experience to manage the growth. Achieve critical transformation, from strategy to implementation, and gain efficiency with consulting services.

What is Business Management?

"Business Management is Change Management"

If sales need to be increased, that's change management. If a merger needs to be implemented, that's change management. If a new personnel policy needs to be carried out, that's change management. If the erosion of a market requires a new business model, that's change management.

Change Management

Management always involves defining what changes need to be made and seeing that those changes take place. Even when the overall aim is stability, there are often change goals: reducing variability, cutting costs, and reducing time. Every job in a company is defined in terms of the changes to be made (large and small); constant improvement can become the routine. Each innovation brings lessons that inform ongoing operations. The organization becomes a perpetual motion machine. Change never occurs as some happening; it is part of everyday life.

Were there any constraints you faced while starting with the company?

We incorporated DuChange ABC in September 2020. Considering the pandemic challenge, however, with the confidence in its leadership and a good replication from young entrepreneurs to seek support and positively from the day of its inception, we acceded to fortify four organizations on a priority.

What services do you provide to the customers?

We provide a wide range of services to our customers. For example, organization health checkup with SWOT analysis, Priority for zero defects in processes and products, Benchmark to world-class, Develop task force with clear action plan, Periodic coaching and mentoring, Design Thinking, Continual Improvements, Strategic Planning, Motivational Approach, IMS, Sourcing Support, Project Support, Business Analysis, Procurement Special Program, IT & IoT Solutions, Change Management Approach, Cultural Change, Developing Best Workplace.

The most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past year Last year's most challenging task is kick-starting our operations of mentoring organizations. If it was not for COVID-19, we could have started in May 2020. The supply chain has been disrupted, imports are down, and markets are bearish. The MSME segment perhaps experienced the hardest hit. According to a recent survey, around 26% of MSME's said COVID -19 impacted their sales and purchases. With the help of government sanctions, we have implemented new safety rules with strict awareness within all our partnered organizations. In addition, we ensured and handled survival turnovers and credit challenges very committed to the adoption of LTRO( Long Term Refinancing Operations) introduced by RBI. This helped us to reach new normal.

In the second wave of Covid-19, we reached more than 70% of regular turnovers.

What do you think are the essential skills for a mechanical engineer to possess?

The ten crucial skills required for a mechanical engineer are Technical knowledge, Communication, Interpersonal, Critical reasoning, Creativity, Innovation, Attention to detail, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Resilience.

How will digital transformation change the world, and what are its advantages (for the engineering world)?

Digital Transformation is taking the world by storm. Don't be left behind. If your business wants to stay relevant in its industry, you need to take a deep dive into Digital Transformation. If customer experience is your focus, finding the right partner who can support and grow with you is of utmost importance. Customer experience is not just revolutionary; it's evolutionary. Brands that do it right will excel, and those that don't will become obsolete. One of the main advantages promised by digitalization is that digital capture, processing, and exchange technologies will provide expeditious access to comprehensive data. As a direct consequence of the now good to excellent availability of CAD component data, the genuine project work in 3D engineering takes less time. The good news is that you can achieve the ultimate utopia in customer experience through a robust

Digital Transformation strategy that includes Conversational AI. Many brands are already doing this today with Conversational AI applications, like Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA). The result is a channel-less, connected journey where customers seamlessly move through various channels. Seamlessly integrate Conversational AI into backend systems and pull existing data to make every interaction a personalized experience. There is no need to ask customers for information that they have already provided that can be found in previous interactions and data. This delivers a personalized experience so customers can feel valued. Personalization can also optimize the customer experience by remembering channel preferences to offer a faster, more efficient, and convenient experience every time.

What processes have you helped develop or singularly created that enhanced engineering performance capabilities?

Identify tier base engineering transactions, Set KPI's & monitoring,Reduce the numberof transactions, Test & Analyze, Ensure Reproducibility &results, Ramp upload time to time, Visual Controls, KPI trends and new benchmarks, IoT & manufacturing & customer connectivity, and machine & man connectivity, Continual Improvements.

How the collaboration with Financial Institutions and Enterprises will fuel the growth of DuChange ABC Pvt. Ltd.?

In recent years, "new markets," for stocks of young and growing companies, have become a growing market segment in the Indian Market. Equity financing is particularly advantageous for these companies and their investors, given the uncertainties of the economic return. As the term "shares" suggests, you get your share of the outcome with equity financing, whether positive or negative. On the other hand, banks may be reluctant to provide loans due to the risk profile of these firms and the greater exposure to a negative result in a loan contract. The banking sector also has an essential role in allocating funds to the most profitable investment opportunities. Banks are financial intermediaries that, by nature, add cost to the allocation of capital. Thus for banks to survive in a market economy, they need to provide added benefits. It is difficult to compete with the debt securities market if a bank loan is of a size where the fixed costs of accessing debt markets become negligible.

What is your strategy to reach new enterprises and new customers?

Digital marketing, Networks & collaboration, Special discounts, Special services, Developing Business Partnerships, Promote expertise, Free training sessions.

What are your upcoming projects?

In the first phase, we started supporting four customers, which approximately constitute 500 employees. In the second phase, we will be supporting another five organizations. So our goal for this financial year is to help ten organizations to start the journey for transformation.

We are partnered in mentoring the following organizations:

Spartan Industries Pvt. Ltd. - Dr. Vikram Mehta (Managing Director)

Spartan's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with world-class equipment to manufacture an array of construction equipment. We improved the production systems in line with zero defects and zero effect, covering Product Planning, R&D, Design &Development, Production assembly, Testing, Spares Management, & Dispatch. Spartan's Design & Development.

Spartan is a leader in construction equipment manufacturers in India. Spartan Engineering,since lastthree years,a remarkable growth trajectory in construction equipment manufacturing with leading and manufacturing and supplying high-quality construction machineries and equipment like man and material hoists, multi-functional material hoists, windmill hoists, firemen evacuation lifts, dumb waiter lifts, rope suspended platforms, and rebar processing machines. The Company is IMS certified and hasstate-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with world-class equipment to manufacture an array of construction equipment.

Spartan has a PAN India presence, focusing on increasing international presence and exports to Sri Lanka, Dubai, Africa, and Nepal. We want to be a leading Indian MNC, established in 25 countries built on Innovation & Trust,and diversified group coupled with technology, meet tomorrow challenges of the construction and infrastructure industry.

Mechtrotech Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Mechtrotech Projects Pvt.Ltd is a project-based startup company. We provide solutions as well as execute the total industrial project on a turnkey basis. We are also an emerging manufacturer of heavy material handling equipment such as single-girder EOT cranes, double girder EOT cranes, semi-gantry EOT cranes, and Gantry EOT Cranes, etc. Mechtrotech Projects Pvt. Ltd." is a registered MSME certified with ISO 9001:2015, with NABCB accreditation established in PUNE, Maharashtra state INDIA.

For more than a decade, we've contributed to Indian Industry and are proud of our esteemed customers. They supported as a preferred associate for their prestigious EPC projects and the Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, and genuine spares and service support for the products of Material Handling Equipment such as all types EOT Cranes, Transfer Trolleys, Goliath Cranes, Ladle Handling Cranes, Grab Bucket Cranes, POT Cranes, Magnet Cranes, Jib Cranes, and many customized products and services for General, Steel Mill, Cement, Automobile, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Railways, Power, and Ship Building sectors applications. We also undertake erection as well for the commissioning of the same. Mr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, before establishing Mechtrotech Projects Pvt. Ltd., was associated with the leading crane manufacturing companies like WMI-KONE Cranes, DEMAG Cranes. He has also worked in association with KONE Cranes Finland in the design department in Finland.

SOS Group of Companies

Sarada Machinery Company is the leading manufacturer of Plastic Injection moulding machines in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We have technological collaborations with the world's best plastic injection moulding machine manufacturers. Now we are poised to extend our services and supply to Maharashtra, UP,and Chennai as per our vision plans.

We have an above three decades experienced team of professionals with expertise in engineering, design, development, and manufacturing. We have state-of-the-art Infrastructure, well-furnished office & Qualified Employees to build machines to cater to market demand so far, and shortly, we are planning to expand the plant capacity by 100% to meet future demand.

Sarada Machinery continually interacts with customers and associates for continual improvements and participate in global exhibitions to benchmark our machines. This study helps us to narrow down on particular machinery which is appropriate to Indian site conditions. We use various CNC machinery with experienced, qualified, and trained workers who work under-skilled and competent supervision in our machines.We follow 5-S systems and maintain periodic audit checks.

Adwita Industries LLP

M/s. Adwita Industries is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm incorporated and registered under LLP Act, 2008 and rules made thereunder. M/s Adwita Industries LLP has a manufacturing setup capable of undertaking engineering jobs such as pressure vessel fabrication, heavy structural fabrication, bag filters, chimneys, chemical equipment for sugar, stacks, and many more as per drawing specification and requirement from various industrial sectors. For these, the firm can provide services at the customer site for fabrication & erection work, if required. M/s. Adwita Industries LLP has a good track record and well established and equipped Infrastructure with efficient design engineers and production staff, and therefore the services rendered are always met with excellent customer satisfaction.


DuChange Advisors and Business Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. will help you build a world-class company with a world-class commitment to your personal growth.We will help you to surround yourself with people committed to theirs. Once you and your team have made this commitment, you will create the systems that translate your world-class vision into a world-class reality.

The Global best must be manufactured in India, and we will help you achieve the goal.

  • Year of Founding: 2020

  • Funding Information: Self-Funded

  • Founding Members: P. V. S. Nageswara Rao, P. Kanaka Durga

  • Office Locations: Mumbai, Vijayawada, Los Angeles.

  • Company Strength: Engineering, EPC Projects, Continual Improvements, Purchase Excellence, Strategic Thinking, Deep Business Analysis, Training & Development, Expertise Team.

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