• Thu May 02, 2013
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  • Pustak Mahal
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This book lists the eleven principles on which the Vedic Hindu Dharma rests till today. They may be called the Eleven Tenets - the founding doctrines of Hinduism - to give the entire picture in a very concise form. The most significant among them are: belief in one Supreme Being, in His revealed wisdom in the shape of the Vedas; in the great law of Karma or Action; in the theory of Reincarnation of the soul; and belief in the legacy of the great rishis of the bygone days, who are the guiding force in the lives of Indians even today. Hindu Tenets is meant for those keen minds of a rejuvenating India who are professionally trained in the modern western way. It gives them a glimpse and feel of the Vedic Hindu Philosophy of life, how it evolved, developed and proliferated down south the Himalayas in the East, and also the way it stood so firm during the most testing times in the history of the world.