Forever Indeed

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Forever Indeed

Forever Indeed

  • Wed Nov 10, 2021
  • Price : 99.00
  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - English
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One moment changed everything for Arav. Seeing her after a leap of two years was something he never expected of. She was someone who made him fall more for her each and every second of his life. Arav is random guy from the crowd whereas the girl was a dream of such crowds. For Arav, chasing her was like chasing clouds. Do you think two opposite people can fall in love? After all we are humans not magnet. The plot of the book revolves around Arav’s various attempts to woo the girl of his dream blend with the ups and downs he faced with his three friends. The story however takes a major turn which shuffles everything for the characters of this story. Will he be able to achieve his love? Will they ever get into a relationship? What if everything turns against him? Will the love he has for the girl will remain the same forever?