Steps Towards A Green World

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Steps Towards A Green World

Steps Towards A Green World

  • Climate Change and Global Warming
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With every passing day, the average temperature has been rising. Meteorologists and researchers of sciences, predict that the world is at peril of degradation. Why are temperatures rising? What are "Greenhouse Gases"? How, the ecology and environments are getting impacted? Answer to these questions is given in the book ‘Steps Towards a Green World- Climate Change and Global Warming’. Authored by S.K. Bhatia, the book contains detailed information about UNFCCC, an organisation formed and controlled by the United Nations warned nations, as early as 1994, of the impending onslaughts on climates. Kyoto Protocol was agreed to, in 1997 in Japan, by 190 odd nations, laying down regulations to change tack on our energy guzzling life styles. This Agreement expired in 2012, but was extended up to 2020 where 190 countries gathered in Paris. What is Paris Agreement? Will the Paris Agreement save the Earth? The readers will find answers to all questions, in this 'Book', and much more, e.g. renewable and clean sources of energy, forthcoming technologies, role of citizens, societies, municipalities, industries and businesses, governments and world bodies in curbing "Greenhouse Gases". Special attention is invited to India's efforts to marry its 'economic development and environments' concerns'. The fundamentals of climate forming, over millennia, are explained. Students and 'weather scanners' will find this knowledge useful. Every chapter should be enjoyable for readers of all ages!