The Wreck Age
The Wreck Age

The Wreck Age

  • Cause and Effect
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The most widely accepted date for the end of ‘Modern Age’ is the year 2102. To find out what triggered ‘The Apocalypse’ is very difficult. In Twenty-First Century, half the world’s population was involved in the Civil Wars. Gradually planet Earth was under the grip of floods, droughts, famine, epidemic, collapse of industrial set-ups and Governments. The apocalypse took its toll over humans who were then ruling the world but now they are completely out of equation. This was the era of THE GREAT EXTINCTION, which resulted into rise of other species. This post-apocalyptic new world is in state of an equilibrium which can be easily distressed by a slight disturbance. Under the present circumstances, the politics of allies and the adversaries is inevitable and not all believe in balance of power. This is going to be the most hostile era of all times, ‘THE WRECK AGE’.