Kaamotsav FCBW2015 edition

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Kaamotsav FCBW2015 edition

Kaamotsav FCBW2015 edition

  • Kaamotsav FCBW2015 edition
  • Price : 50.00
  • pictorialcinema
  • Language - English
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This is a special preview edition for artbook Kaamotsav Volume 1. It collects erotic artworks by Saumin Suresh Patel. This special edition collects few artworks and sketches from the art book. This project is inspired by the ancient indian temple and mural art where erotic imagery and sculptures where poetic and fantastic. These masterworks of ancient india has been the inspiration for this fantasy project Kaamotsav. This mytho-fantasy erotica is not a depiction of our gods or goddesses. Nor is it a guidebook like the Kamasutra. It is not even a narrative. It’s an assortment of visual expressions, each brought to life with the intent to make you weave your own story around them.