I Am Kalki Series

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I Am Kalki Series

I Am Kalki Series

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Corruption and sin have spread their tentacles within the human race. The entire human race waits for a savior who shall guide them to the path of redemption and greater consciousness. Their last hope lies with the prophecy of Lord Vishnu’s tenth avatar taking birth at a small village named Sambhal in India.With the appearance of auspicious signs, the great sage Ved Vyas performs a grand Yagya in a dilapidated temple to facilitate the advent of Lord Vishnu on earth.

The five elements namely Vayu,Pritvi, Varun, Agni and Akash combine to form the most potent life force. However dark forces in hell are plotting the downfall of mankind. The advent of Lord Kalki is imminent as mankind faces its biggest test.

The entire creative team of Vimanika Comics under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Karan Vir Arora is thrilled with the launch of the first title of I am Kalki. The series promises to be a dark thriller set in contemporary times but deeply inspired from Indian mythology. I am Kalki incorporates elements of fantasy since the avatar is yet to be born but is well researched a hallmark of Vimanika comics.


Lord Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu has taken birth in the Vimanika universe.