Moksha Series
Moksha Series

Moksha Series

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Previously in Moksha


Indi’s parents die trying to protect her from wolf-like demons in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Lord Hanuman hears Indi’s distress call and comes out of deep meditation and saves her. He promises Indi’s dying father that he would take care of her.


At Indi’s father’s workshop they find a mysterious gift left for Indi by her father. Suddenly, wild wolves attack them. A beautiful white tiger fights the wolves, chasing them away. Unknown to Indi, the fearsome white tiger is the guardian of the fascinating divine gift which hides more than it reveals. The tiger wants them to follow it into the forest.


The chief of the attacking wolf-demons is badly injured and humiliated, and plots revenge. His unwelcome guide the fearsome High Priest Vadrak warns him that soon evil personified is about to appear.


Meanwhile, in Naraka, Yamaraja’s abode, a mighty intruder has stolen the scythe which has the power to steal souls, and provides immense power to the wielder. The thief is none other than Indrajeet, the son of the mighty demon Ravana. With the scythe, Indrajeet captures the souls of some sages who have been indulging in Black Magic and makes them his slaves. Indrajeet orders the sages to go across the lands and spread the news that the Wish Master has arrived. Unexpectedly, an extremely alluring and mysterious woman appears and mesmerizes Indrajeet. She seems to have great powers. She tantalizes Indrajeet before disappearing as suddenly as she appeared, confounding him.


Meanwhile, at the Ashram of the Bhargavas, Avasthya, a young student, starts shooting firebolts from his entire body. He seems to have no control over these. He is punished and left standing in the cold night. Avasthya is attacked by Veesachs- flesh-eating demons. Lord Parashurama appears and slaughters many Veesachs with His powerful Axe. Suddenly, fire comes out of Avasthya’s eyes, and one Veesach is burnt to ashes.


Later, students are talking about the next day’s competition to decide the best student. Avasthya seems quite sure that he will be declared the best student. Ayushman, a calm and serious student, cautions Avasthya regarding his overconfidence. Lord Parshuram overhears the conversation and is amused at Avasthya’s boasts.