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MOKSHA “Salvation” This is the story about Indi and Avasthya, and their journey of finding the truth that binds their life, soul and destiny. Moksha also features two of the eight Chiranjivins (immortals in Hindu mythology) - Lord Hanumana and Lord Parshurama. The series is a riveting tale as the two Charanjivins, who have seen life differently have differences in opinions and contrasting ideals. Hanuman is the son of Marut, and is the icon of courage and patience. He is the defender of truth and dharma and is now a believer of peace and non- violence. Parasuram, the son of Rishi Jamadagni (who was the grandson of the mighty Aurva) is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. He had followed the path of merciless punishment through violence and bloodshed. Several interesting characters add greater depth and pulsating excitement in Moksha. To begin with there is a betrayed warrior who wants to take revenge against entire humanity and wipe out anything that comes in his path. Like every villain in the past, he is convinced that his actions are justified. Then there is a forgotten spirit; an evil who plans to corrupt the whole universe once again to complete its unfinished agenda. This epic is about the journey of the Atman (soul) of every single protagonist in this story to attain its completeness and to align itself with the almighty. However the crisis is precipitated when a source of eternal malevolence arises from the womb of time and through its utter wickedness alters the course of the whole Universe. Will it be possible to uphold the principles of righteousness and justice? Will it be possible to stand against the brute forces of corruption? Is it possible for two human siblings to find their way through the fields of chaos and darkness? How can peace and violence stand together and uphold the flag of independence?

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