Devi Chadhurani
Devi Chadhurani

Devi Chadhurani

  • Volume One: Matsayana
  • Price : 99.00
  • YDC
  • Language - English
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Prafulla is a young girl whose destiny seems to have only bad news for her. On the day of her wedding, her father and father-in-law have an ugly spat. Angered, the father-in-law shuns her, and this leaves her father heartbroken that his daughter is left without a husband. His hands tied by Hindu society’s edict against divorce and remarriage, Prafulla’s father dies, leaving his family without any money. Prafulla’s mother soon follows after him, and she is taken under the care of her seemingly friendly neighbours. However, the neighbours plan to sell Prafulla into a life of prostitution. She flees the house, hoping to find her in-laws’ house, with only the knowledge of the father-in-law’s name and the name of the village. Despite finding the house and being taken in at first, she is sent out by her father-in-law. She runs into Bhabani Pathak, a notorious bandit. The man takes her in and begins to teach her about the world around them. They live during the height of British power, and he shows her the atrocities of the British Raj. For five years, Prafulla changes, learning the ways of the bandit. After five years, a new bandit and revolutionary begins fighting against the British, one that sends shivers down the spines of those who hear her name. Prafulla was no longer the naïve girl looking for someone to protect her. She had become Devi Chaudhurani, the right hand advisor of Bhabani Phatak.