Rakshak - Origin
Rakshak - Origin

Rakshak - Origin

  • Issue 1
  • Price : 125.00
  • YDC
  • Language - English
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Retired Captain Aditya Shegill returns home in Delhi after his final mission in Kashmir which claimed a heavy price both on his soul and body. Reduced to being less of a man which he formerly had been, he finds solace, joy and love in company of his prodigal sister Trisha, her American husband Ronald and their teenage daughter Saina. However, happiness is something which is always fleeting away from our war hero as a horrible incident shatters his family. Aditya breaks down further only to gather himself up and retaliate. If the system or society cannot protect the weak and defenseless, then it is up to him to take up the responsibility; to become a protector, a Rakshak.