First step towards UPSC CSE
First step towards UPSC CSE

First step towards UPSC CSE

  • Sarpreet Singh Chauhan
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UPSC CSE is considered as one of the precitigeous examination in India and million of aspirants aspire to become IAS and sat for the examination every year but few would be able to clear it. Many expert cites the reason for their failure is very first step. Often student commits the mistake on very first step that they start covering the syllabus but what about the purpose behind this syllabus  coverage ? what about that question which should be asked by the aspirants to themselves that why they want to become civil servent? Are they having enough strong reason to prepare for civil services which can compell them to study for 8 to 10 hours daily for next 3 to 4 years. Until and unless aspirants having answer of these question there is no point to cover the syllabus and this is the very first step towards UPSC CSE preparation