Digit Dmystify

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Digit Dmystify

Digit Dmystify

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Learn all about snakes, the slithering reptiles and trace their evolution from ancient burrowing lizards, find out how they see the world with their strange senses, how they stalk or ambush their prey, and how their venoms act to disrupt the cells, nervous system, cardiac system and brain activity. We take a look at some of the most dangerous snakes in the world including cobras, vipers, pit vipers, coral snakes, sea snakes, mambas, rattlesnakes, pythons, boas and anacondas.

While Digit is your technology main course, Dmystify is your science side dish. This small book of BIG thoughts will introduce you some hardcore topics in the core sciences such as String Theory, Evolution, Relativity and more. Scared? Don't be. The language is simple, we don't bombard you with equations and things are explained at a level even a 10th standard student will understand. So saddle up and dive in.