Aquaculture Times Vol-I
Aquaculture Times Vol-I

Aquaculture Times Vol-I

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Aquaculture Times is an international magazine contains mainly general features, articles and news covering a variety of aquaculture related topics. Published bi-monthly, the magazine provides a platform to bring the salient features of aquaculture, problems relating to farmers, up to date events, information, and latest trends in aquaculture. Aquaculture has a great demand with a tremendous scope for improving the food security and national economy. However, aquaculture is increasingly confronted with several issues of water quality management, environmental protection and disease outbreak, particularly associated mainly with high-input high-output intensive systems, suffering with innumerable problems, and the result of which can degrade the coastal ecosystem and in turn can reduce the output. The Aquaculture Times can provide a platform for bringing out the various issues relating to the latest aspects of culture.

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