Indian Cement Review

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Indian Cement Review

Indian Cement Review

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Fluctuations in prices of various fuels and regulatory pressures are making manufacturers to choose machines that can be adapted to various fuels based on cost and other advantages.


Coal: Still Burning 

Commercialisation of coal mining answers India’s energy security problem. As major coal producers like Indonesia look to limit production and focus on energy security for domestic requirement, the time is ripe for the Indian coal mining sector to commercialise coal mining and secure country’s energy security concerns.




Getting water positive Water is getting to be a scarce commodity day by day. Industry has to take a cue and take initiatives to conserve water in right earnest.


“One should not look for short-term solution” 

Bhaskar Bhattar, Director, VEXL Environ Projects Private Limited, speaks about the water treatment and conservation solutions provided by the company.

Water reuse – Sustainable solution for water security Taking a serious note of the cascading effect a water stressed scenario can have, it is imperative to realise the potential of the limited water resources

available, in other words, water must be reclaimed.



“Customer is the initial point of our innovation” 

Madhumita Basu, Chief of Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and IT, Nuvoco Vistas Corp, speaks on the company’s contribution to World One project, and the channel partners.


“Cement demand is growing but is still beyond the reach of many” 

PK Ghosh, Chairman, ERCOM Engineers, discusses on where do Indian cement manufacturers stand compared with those in other countries in achieving high level of energy efficiency.

Indian Cement Review, the premier magazine catering exclusively to the cement industry since 1976, covers the latest updates and happenings of the industry from around the world. The magazine gives wide ranging technical articles, informative views of industry professionals, analysis and on-site case studies. It acts as a useful interface between the producers, manufacturers and the user fraternity of the cement industry, and is a must read magazine for the User industry, Manufacturers & suppliers and Auxiliary services providers.