Brain Tonic

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Brain Tonic

Brain Tonic

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मौजे चौंधाणे - रमेश नारायण वरखेडे

असा आमचा गाव - मधुकर देवबा मोरे

रवींद्र राजाराम रौंदळ

शाळा परिचय - जि. प. प्राथमिक शाळा, चौंधाणे

मुलांचे लेखन - जि. प. शाळा, चौंधाणे

भविष्य घडविण्याची गोष्ट - मंगला रमेश वरखेडे

दक्षिण अफ्रिकेतील दंतकथा - केशर

How Daddy Jumped Off The Balcony - Alexander Ruskin

Tinder-Box -Hans Anderson

Important Events & Festivals in 2017


Brain Tonic is a bi-lingual monthly magazine for children. It provides contents in both Marathi and English languages. Various subjects are covered in this monthly magazine, such as personality development, career planning, current affairs, learning English language, letter writing, science, astronomy, mathematics, history, geography, bird watching, project study, drama, folktales, puzzles, etc. We publish articles written by children as well as by experts in various fields. The magazine is successfully running from last 9 years (from December 2005).