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  • India legal - 15 July, 2019
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DROP OF LIFE A delayed monsoon leads to a water crisis. With availability of this precious resource for agriculture and domestic use dwindling fast, India’s water woes became the focus of the Prime Minister’s national broadcast. A special report on how states and cities are coping with the crisis

India Legal, ENC’s flagship product is a credible news magazine with a pan-India presence. Packed with in-depth reports, analyses, breaking stories, thought-inspiring features, views and insights on politico-legal issues, the fortnightly empowers and enlightens the citizens on several issues that touch their lives. While it offers a unique inside look at the workings of the Indian legal system (judges, courts, lawyers, prison networks and those who make or break laws) with journalistic panache and high production values, India Legal is by no means produced exclusively for the legal fraternity. The magazine covers important political, economic, corporate, and social developments, but within the context of legal relevance and parameters. Thus, it is by no means a specialist product. It has a unique universal appeal.